Industry Sectors

  • Energy Security
  • Medical
  • Health and Beauty
  • Wind Power
  • Sustainability
  • Cyber Security
  • Communications
  • Accessibility
  • Food
Energy Security1 Medical2 Health and Beauty3 Wind Power4 Sustainability5 Cyber Security6 Communications7 Accessibility8 Food9

Globally, from emerging markets to mature, EJK exhibitions and conferences provide you with direct contact to top leaders in the industry. EJK produces over 40 events across the world in 14 different industries. Our events range from trade, government, and consumer exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. Serving multiple industry sectors, EJK has established proficiencies across all areas including:

  • Business Services
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Education
  • Engineering & Distribution
  • Environmental
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Paper
  • Publishing Media & Communications
  • Retail
  • Science Technology
Our Events
Green Expo Aquatech Mexico
MetroCooking DC
International Drone Expo Mexico WindPower
Plastimagen Norte Plastimagen
Utech Las Americas ISSA Interclean
Energy Mexico P&B Japan
Expo Forestal EXPO Produccion
EXPO Manufactura Intertraffic Mexico
Industrial Print EXPO Mexico M-Enabling Summit
Wireless Technology Park Transport System EXPO
WIS/EXPO COMM Korea EXPO COMM Wireless Japan
EXPO COMM Indonesia EXPO COMM Russia
Airport Solutions Mexico M-Enabling Summit Forum